Next Winetasting/Reading/Signing of WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER!

It’s official! The next winetasting/reading/signing of Who Got Liz Gardner is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th from 6:30 – 8:30 at Winestyles in Winter Springs!


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One response to “Next Winetasting/Reading/Signing of WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER!

  1. Grace

    Reciently read & Loved it !
    What a Fabulous read!!! “Liz” is a great character that I bonded with immediately, just more ambitious and ballsy in going after what she wanted. I laughed with her views on men ( been there-done that 😉 ), was infuriated with how she held on to the the hope
    of a person’s ablilty to change though it was only for their own selfish reasons (bt-dt) but understood and empathized with her commitments made to herself and others. I was filled with anxiety and a bit of fear in her journeys and strengthened by her convictions to obtain the “golden ring” she was after. I know that her true love and rock throughout her journey was her ever faithful dog. Who through all her ups and downs just wanted her to be happy….

    Sadly towards the last couple of chapters of the book I found myself not wanted to read as often because I did not want that camaraderie I felt with her to end. But finish I did and I am happy, proud, and thrilled about the accomplishments she has achieved in her life and love. I am looking forward to picking up the new continuation of her journey – A little eating, A little praying, & A little loving can go such a long way in our lives… Without even realizing that so few ingredients can sustain us until the light shines bright enough for us to not ignore it.

    Thanks you,

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