“Who Got Liz Gardner” the book

In the midst of perhaps the worst economic and financial global meltdown in history ( in my lifetime anyway) I decided to write a book.  For those who know me, it may appear semi-autobiographical. For those who don’t, it has been called women’s fiction, chick lit, and sexy self-help. 

I am proud to announce that “Liz” has been published in paperback and is ready for the world.  Copies can be ordered via Amazon.com by going to this link:  http://www.amazon.com/Who-Got-Gardner-Elizabeth-Allen/dp/184923888X/ref=cm_cmu_pg_t   There are also a multitude of other online booksellers as well like Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, etc., but Amazon seems to have the best price and free shipping if you  meet their minimum.

Also at Amazon for Kindle owners, you can download for $6.79.

Book Tw0 – Discovering Arugula – should be released in paperback by February 2011. You can download it now via Kindle for $9.99.



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